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After years of building and growing companies for someone else, I realized the key factor was me.  So I started Work Revised to build a legacy for not only me and my family, but the people and businesses I serve. Today we’re a local digital marketing agency focused on real growth and connections for our clients.

My Mission

To use my extensive executive experience to build and grow local companies as quickly and efficiently as possible.

My Vision

To be the #1 go to source for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs to Build and Grow their companies online.

Some of Our Best Local Services For Your Service Based Business

Digital Marketing


What good is great content if no one sees it?  We will implement a strategy to rank in the search engines to get you and your company discovered by local and targeted visitors.

custom content for you local business

We are ready to spruce up your existing website, or build a completely new one.  The majority of our sites are built with a CMS system that is easy to update for our clients.

invest wisely

Having good reviews across multiple platforms helps build local credibility and boosts your rankings.  If you have some bad reviews, we will work on turning that around for you.

Local Digital Marketing That Will Put You On The Map

Content Creation

Content is King

Your Content is the most important part of your website and marketing strategy. It not only helps with your Local SEO, it helps connect you to your audience.  I will craft your story and content so that your visitors NEED to do business with you.

custom and stock videos

Get Seen, Get Connected

Video is a sure fire way to truly connect with your audience.  We have many options when it comes to your video.  We can use stock videos, custom footage both on and off-site.  We can also use footage shot by you and turn it into a great promo video.

Problem Solving

Peace of Mind

As an owner-operator I’m sure you’ve come across a problem that you just couldn’t figure out and maybe now you just live with that problem.   I view problems as opportunities, so get in touch with me so I can SOLVE that problem you’ve been dealing with.

Features & Benefits

Benefits For Local Business

These are just some of the many benefits you will receive if we’re fortunate enough to work with together.

You're business is my business


My whole business relies on performing at or above our contracted services.   Rest assured you have my full attention when working together, you’ll feel like you added another member to your team.

Take charge


Work Revised can customize Growth Strategies for all budgets.  I do recommend our discovery call to see what steps you can take to grow your business whether you work with me or not.


Fast Turnaround

All services provided will be on time PERIOD.  

great support

I Respond

Nothing worse than sending an email or text to a service provider and you wait days for a response.  But fortunately for me those companies exist, and it allows me to really shine with my quick responses.


Don't just take my word for it

Listen to what some of my latest clients had to say. 

Joe helped me put together a strategy for my online presence. This is something that has been holding me back in my career and he just made everything so simple. We also shot a few photos, videos for my reel and a corporate commercial. After doing all of this I literally got booked for a leading role in a feature film. OMG this is really happening! If you really want to make things happen for you or your business you'd be foolish not to at least speak with Work Revised first.
We always had this idea to start a grass fed beef farm. In 2018 we finally went all in on our dream. We never imagined how tough life was as a farmer but we love every day of it. We started a website on our own but it just didn't do much for us. After our first meeting with Joe we were shocked about how much we could do online for our business and the opportunities we were missing. Joe implemented some changes to our Google Business listing and created some content for us. He also created a simple store to sell some of our grass fed beef packages. Within a few weeks we started getting multiple calls a day and started to fulfill orders. Having Joe was what Taysita Ranch needed to grow our business.

Check out some of my latest work

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Have a Question?


If you have a question or would like to schedule a discovery call send me a text to: 631.533.6271 or schedule one online.

Work Revised is a full service Digital Agency that connects your business locally.

We offer Local SEO, Website Development, Content Creation, Custom Video, and Reputation Management. 

We also do some of the boring business stuff as well like SOP’s (standard operating procedures).

Work Revised is based out of Islip, NY.  We work remotely for our clients throughout the US. 

For our local clients we are focusing on the immediate surrounding areas like Babylon, Bay Shore, East Islip, Islip Terrace, Deer Park, and Huntington. 

We also travel into Manhattan for our clients at least once per week. 

Absolutely, as a former Executive for a service based business in-person meetings are critical to ensure success for our clients.  

Plain and simple we actually care about the businesses we work with.  I spend a lot of time getting to know my clients so that I can provide them with real value. 

When I take on a client I want to be a part of their business for years to come. I make my clients feel like I’m part of their company and not just a vendor.  

Wow thank you, I’m so grateful.  First you need to book a 15 minute discovery call to discuss your goals and needs, and also to make sure we are both a good fit to work together.  

I enjoy working with clients who know they are amazing but just haven’t been able to build the business they know they are capable of. 

I love the reaction I get from my clients after our first meeting, when something I say just clicks and I watch them get recommitted to their vision.

I believe in being Genuine and Resourceful at all times.  I dream big and have a gift for motivating.

Dreams are hard when you finally put them in motion.  Everyday as business owners we have a choice to show up or not.  I choose to show up.  What do you choose?