A Local SEO Company In Islip, NY

Dreams without Action are just delusions, and after years of dreaming Work Revised was born.

Work Revised Building Local Optimized Websites

By Joe Goodman

I have been in the digital space since 2006 when I started my boutique web development firm. Over the years I would treat it as my second job as I always kept my corporate job as a safety net. Fear eventually led me to focus most of my time on my corporate job because that’s what I was “supposed to do”.

While climbing the corporate ladder I eventually landed the role of Operations Director for a mid-size firm in NYC. As 16 hour days became the norm I realized this wasn’t my dream, and that slowly my dreams were dying. The biggest issue was that I didn’t get to spend much time with my family including a newborn.

I stayed for another 2 years because I held myself hostage by this safety net of a steady paycheck and well, I had to be responsible and had a family to support.

The leap finally came during a corporate restructure and I was able to work out an exit strategy and severance package. At this time I reconnected with my true passion, and that is to share my digital expertise with local business owners.

“If you’re going to run a business, average results just won’t cut it.”

When I originally started my web development firm I just provided web development, but I knew this left a lot on the plate for business owners to handle themselves. A website is just one part of the puzzle for running a successful business. That’s why I started Work Revised, to simplify the digital space for small businesses. We build and optimize your complete digital footprint including; Web Development, Content Creation, Local SEO, and Reputation Management. Take a look at our process, it’s what makes both our companies grow.

“Business owners need to be heard and valued.”

The foundation to any business lies in exceptional client relations.  At Work Revised we take this concept above and beyond.  We communicate with our clients regularly to make sure we are doing everything we can for them. 

When our clients have questions, concerns, or want to explore new ideas we respond.

We look at business this way.  There are always going to be other providers offering the same service as you.  It’s how you treat your clients and customers that set you apart from your competitors.

“Only when our clients have success are we truly successful .”

Our Mission at Work Revised is to be the #1 resource for Local Businesses to grow.  When working with us you’ll feel like we’re part of your team and not a vendor, because that’s what we do.