Find Local Customers Right Now For Your Business

Find local customers for your business right now

Do you want to find local customers right now for your business?

Does your business show up on Google when local customers search for what your Business offers? Or is your competitor showing up and winning all of those customers?

When your Local SEO is on point. It’s almost like your fishing from a fish tank full of fish just waiting for you to cast your line.

Joe Goodman – Work Revised – An Internet Marketing Agency located in Islip, NY

What Is Local SEO

Local SEO in a nutshell is getting your company to show up on google when a local customer searches for your product or service. This is where my main focus at Work Revised is, and that’s how we will make your company more money and close in on your fair share of the market.

Why Is Local SEO so important

Local SEO is extremely important because it can provide your business with customers in your area who are searching for exactly what your company offers. Think about that for a minute.

A local customer is searching for exactly what you offer, why wouldn’t you want to be at the top of the search results. The longer you wait to take advantage of Local SEO, the longer your competitors will continue to win your potential customers.

What type of companies benefit from Local SEO

Aah now you’re asking the right questions. In my opinion any company that serves local customers either in person at their business location, or provides a service to customers within the local area.

Here are a few different types of Local Businesses on Long Island that will benefit from Local SEO:

  • Personal Trainer – Bay Shore, NY
  • Computer Repair Company – Bay Shore, NY
  • Roofing Company – Islip, NY
  • Drain Cleaning Company – Long Island
  • Custom T-Shirt Company – Islip, NY
  • Home Remodeling Contractor – Islip, NY
  • Digital Marketing Agency – Islip, NY
  • Lawyers – Islip Terrace, NY
  • Restaurants – Long Island
  • Mosquito Control – Long Island
  • Coffee Shops – Bay Shore, NY
  • Hair Salon – Islip, NY
  • Landscaper – East Islip, NY
  • Accountants – East Islip, NY
  • Dentists – East Islip, NY
  • Real Estate Agency – Babylon, NY
  • Food Truck – Babylon, NY
  • Doctors – Babylon, NY
  • Kids Birthday Parties – Bay Shore, NY

What is the difference between SEO and Local Seo?

  • SEO (search Engine Optimization) focuses on organic search results that reach buyers on a national level.
  • Local SEO focuses on local buyers in a specific city or region.

Local SEO examples

Let me show you a few examples of some of the Keywords Work Revised ranks for when our local clients search for services we provide.

Examples of ranking for local keywords – Rank #2 in the local map pack for Marketing
Examples of ranking for local keywords – #1 ranked in the local map pack for Marketing Consultant in my area.
Examples of ranking for local keywords – #1 ranked on Google Maps for Marketing Consultant in my area.

How do I get my company to show up on Google for a local search?

Step 1. Sign up for a Google My Business account.

Step 2. Fill out all of your business details. Check out my article How To Fuel Your Business for some more details on how to optimize your Google My Business Account. Or just read the guide from Google

Step 3. Optimize your website to reflect the product and services you want to rank locally for.

Step 4. Do some competitor research and see how you stand against your competition. Bright Local’s SEO tools are pretty good here. It can show you how you rank against your competition, and shows you what you need to improve.

Step 5. Keep creating local content. Videos, GMB posts, Blog Posts, social media posts.

Step 6. Build relationships with Local Businesses and Local Directories.

Step 7. Make sure your responding to your customer reviews, especially on google within 24 hours. Customers are notified when you respond. This not only shows the customer that you appreciate them, it also shows Google your an active and trustworthy business.

Step 8. Decide if you want to spend all of your time doing your Local SEO and figure things out as you go. If you do I highly suggest reading the in-depth SEO Tutorials on Backlinko or Myles Beckler to get you up to date on techniques and strategies to boost your local rankings.

Step 9. If you’re getting tired of trying to figure out the Digital Strategy for your business it may be time to hire a professional company that does all of the work for you.

It’s time for you to start finding your local customers.

How much does Local SEO cost?

I think this is where you will see a large range of prices. For me, I usually start a basic Local SEO package at $450 a month for a single location in a non-competitive market. Depending on how many keywords you want to rank for and how much competition your local industry has you could be running into a few thousand per month.

How long do I need to do local SEO for?

Honestly, it’s something that should always be done for your business. Although, it should be making you a good return on your investment once all of the rankings start coming in.

Remember there’s always competition, and as soon as you take a break you give your competitors a chance to move in on your hard-earned rankings.

How long does it take to rank my business with Local SEO?

Honestly that all depends on how competitive your market is and how strong your competitors are online. You can start seeing results for low competition keywords within a few days to a few weeks, but the more competitive keywords could take a few months to even a year plus to rank.

Are you ready to rank your business locally?

Schedule a free 15-minute discovery call to see what we can do to increase your company’s visibility in your local market. You Deserve It.

We don’t have a one size fits all plan. We analyze each company individually and improve your Digital Footprint as needed to maximize your exposure and results.

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